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Paul Mahoney – Commercial Artist

I was born at a very early age & took up scribbling as soon as I could hold a crayon without eating it or poking it in my eye.

I worked through school at my own pace & at 16 gained a GCE O’Level Art. This made me feel extremely proud as the only other time I made a name for myself was when I wet my shorts during a school church service at the age of six.

Getting tonsillitis, appendicitis, a squint & an ingrowing toenail out of the way I was about to start an uninspiring career due to my own pace at school, in DIY retail. I thought, as I took on the job….”This’ll do for the time being”….. 20 odd years of taking abuse from customers & senior management made me decide to use the God given talents I was born with.

I was to find out that drinking milk up to 6 times a day, soiling a nappy & crying for a hug doesn’t put bread on the table. ( only rusks! ).

A cartoonist’s life for me, I thought ….

Suggested cartoon ideas;

To liven up a presentation & support plain, boring text.

To support a story for your publication. An original greeting card to celebrate anniversaries, weddings, Christmas & New Year or just to say “Thanks”.

(If you can think of anything else, let me know … ooh! Valentine’s Day).

A calender to promote your business.

A logo to use on your website, letterhead, signage for your vehicle, shop or uniforms.

All work is thought up in my tiny, child like mind then drawn with a pen, scanned into Photoshop where I make it pretty, ‘specially for yous guys. I will then save to a file & inter-maily it to you where you can do what yuh bloomin’ well please. If you require a hard copy, I can have it printed for you & posted via the post from a post box.

Please send me a brief of your requirements and I will give you a quote.